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This is so insanely slow it's practically freezes the entire game.I have to use a Delay value of 0.0000001 just to get it to transition at all, and it's still so choppy that it looks terrible... That's with almost nothing else going on, and I'm running on a maxed-out 2020 Mac Mini.

Hi there! 

Those kind of plugins performances depends a lot of the actual calculation resources of the performing hardware. In general, Rpg Maker is already  CPU intensive - in some cases, I have seen NW.js performing worse on MAC as well -. Furthermore, the creation of the shatters Is based on delauanay triangulation algorithms that makes important calculations as well. On the hardwares I use (2018 assembled PC and MacBook PRO 2020) performances are good as shown in the demonstrative video.

About the hardware you use, not sure which Mac MINI hardware is, but if it's default version (M1 chip + 8GB RAM and no GPU), It could be possible that the execution time may suffer from both nw.js and triangle creation.

However, I'm planning to release in the future a small update adding execution delays for saving computational time in problematic hardwares. Furthermore, if the interest on the plugin from the public will be strong, I could try to release a new plugin version that uses GPU shaders instead.

Thank you for your feedback :)

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Mine isn't running on an M1 chip or fancy GPU, but I have 64gb RAM to help with my other main hobby of music production... I don't know squat about graphics or programming, but a working update would be great because it looks like I pretty much can't use it as it is.


I see :)

I'll try to update and implement improvements as possible. However, hardware features are something definitely relevant in this kind of mechanics, considering that Rpg Maker is slower than most of the user-ready game engines.

However, thank you again for the feedback!

No update at all?

Hi there! I have a scheduled update that I will publish as soon as I can 🙏🏻
Thank you for your interest!

Are you accepting suggestions/ideas for more transitions?

If you like, sure!


Xenogears: Shatter

Re:Com Chain of Memories: Logo

FFX: the X

FF8: the 4-part

Thank you!


Does this plugin work also in MV?

As default, this plugin is not compatible with Rpg Maker MV. But I saw some people make it work on MV, too (Fossil or custom modding). Sorry :(

Thanx for the info.


Heya! I bought your plugin and absolutely love it. It's a great change from the default battle transition.

I was wondering if you'd be willing to implement an option (hopefully compatible with VisuStella's Options Core) to revert to the default transition. I ask because, while it's a beautiful transition, it causes a *lot* of lag on lower-end PCs. 

I'm aware there's a script call to disable the transition for the current map, but having a simple option that disables the transition until it's re-enabled would be much simpler for users than implementing a setup to call the script every time the user enters a new map.


Hello there! 

Thank you very for your feedback. It's possible to do this. Right now I'm really busy, but I'm planning to do some updates at the end of this month. I will take in account your suggestion for sure.


Awesome! There's no rush. I'll keep an eye out for an update!

I just bought the plugin but I don't think I can use it as is in a game right now. The transition to battle is super slow. Even when I put it all the way down to 1 it's slow and the shatter effect looks weird with in the lower amounts. Also, the "Crash" SE does not seem to be timed up correctly when an encounter occurs. Anyhow, love the idea for the plugin; hopefully an update can address these issues.


Thank you for the feedback! This issue has been reported by other customers, too! A new version of the plugin is already in development and relesead very soon. I will explain in detail why the transition seems slow and how it works the new parameter that I'm going to add <3



Just downloaded and checked out the update. Working a lot better now; thanks for all the hard work!

Thank you very much for the feedback!!

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It is slow in transition.I think if you can fix that it will be awesome. It looks great

Hello! Thanks for the feedback!

And sure, it will be released a new version of the plugin containing a new parameter for handling the delays with shatter movements, too. This way, the transition can be faster :3

Thank you for your patience!


Looks much better still playing with the delays

Glad to hear that, man!

Stay tuned for the new amazing plugins we're planning to release!