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"Selection Eval" is a plugin that allows to customize the selection of the actor/enemies window. As default, inside Rpg Maker you can set the targets from the database options of the skill/items without any further customization. Using this plugin, you can create selection conditions for making your targeting more interesting. In the example below, I made a skill that can select only the party leader.

For use this plugin you need to have at least a little knowledge on how to do basic scripting.


The plugin works using a notetag inside skill/items entry inside the database. Looking at the image above, you can notice that the notetag is:

<Selection Eval>
targets = code...
<Selection Eval>

Inside the selection eval the targets variable represents the Array of targets that will be selectable. As default, targets array content is the default targets that would be taken by the skills/item.

Inside the notetag scope, you can use this variables too:

  1. originalTargets -> This variable contains the original targets determined  by the skill/item scope.
  2.  user -> Get the skill/item user;
  3. troop -> Get the array containing the members of the troop;
  4. party -> Get the array containing the members of the party;

WARNING! Take in account that the target's selection is influenced by the skill default scope.

Those are some examples of use:

 == Making only the LEADER selectable:
 <Selection Eval>
 targets = [$gameParty.leader()]
 </Selection Eval>
 == Filter for targets having less-equal of the 50% of their Max HP
 <Selection Eval>
 targets = targets.filter(t => t.hp <= Math.floor(t.mhp * 0.50))
 </Selection Eval>


This plugin should be compatible with VisuStella's core's plugins and It should not give problems with other plugins if they do not affect intensively default RPG MAKER MZ library.


The plugin is developed on Rpg Maker MZ - Version 1.3.2 and with the related PIXI.js Version 5.2.4. 

This plugin is NOT compatible with RPG MAKER MV.


  • Credits to BlueMoon.
  • Avoid to change plugin information, filename and parameters name for the sake of integrity of the code.
  • Edits to the code are allowed.
  • The plugin can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • You can't redistribute this plugin as it is or incorporating portion of the code inside another plugin; 
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AuthorBlueMoon (Nebula Games)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, addon, asset, battle, mz, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, RPG Maker MZ, selection, tool


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è compatibile con Visustella MZ?

Non ci sono problemi con la Core Library. Non so per gli altri plugin a pagamento, ma dovrebbe essere indipendente.


Ti ringrazio, e buon Natale!

Chiederei a loro, ma se la tirano PARECCHIO!

Buon Natale anche a te! 🌟


Awesome plugin! ✦.✦
Did you think of doing this plugin after helping Kagemaru with his "Target one ally but not actor 1 & 2" problem on rpgmakerweb? Haha

Im already using your bestiary plugin, and I really love it so far! Ill buy this one in a few days. I bet I could make some pretty neat stuff with this!


thank you for your interest! Actually... Yes! I thought to create something that would help on selection customization


I see. Well, your plugin is gonna be pretty useful, thats for sure! ✦.✦
Im currently using Caethyril's on use effect plugin but that plugin comes with a subskill feature and Im already using VS's skill container plugin, which does pretty much the same thing. This might cause some incompatibility problems, so I was hoping that someone would make a plugin like Caethyril's but without the subskill feature. So yeah, thanks a bunch for making this plugin! Keep up the good work! :D


Thank you, mate! The plugin seems to be compatible with VisuStella core plugins. However, for anything, feel free to report.

Youre welcome! :D
Im glad to hear that! Ill let you know if I find anything.