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Ha! This is a novel idea, I like it!

Thank you for your interest!
In the future I would like to update it and develop something more particular.


Italian, btw? Anche io!

Yes! Italiano anche io!

I am making a horror game, so I'm allways on the lookout for such effects, but I don't think I'll buy this. I mean it's nice, but those are some very thin doors... too bad the plugin effect doesn't make them look wider or 'fatter'. I hope you understand what I mean. lol

If you ever find a way to make the doors look wider, I'd definitely be a happy new customer.

p.s.: doeas it support also bigger doors, like in the FSM DLC? I think they are just double hight...

Hello there! Thank you for your feedback. The door transition effect is made through spritesheet. Essentially, you can use any kind image you want until it respects the format of 12 x 6 frames (that is the format used by Rpg Maker spritesheet doors like !Door1.png). So, if you format a spritesheet with this kind of cell size, you can render any kind of door :D (maybe I'll add a new gif example with a wider spritesheet).

Cool! Is it possible to change the sound of the opening door, if I want to use my own? And is it possible to use the effect only sometimes and not for every door on every map. I have maps that might benefit from such a 'horror' effect, but I also have maps of villages where there are no horror elements wanted...

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Hello! :)
If you check the details about the use of the plugin, you can notice that the effect is processed through a script call. This means that you can choose when using it. In other words, this plugin creates an extra transition system that is alternative to the default one.

About the sound, you can customize your sound through the options object that needed to be passed as argument of the script call. 

For making you an example: let's take the situation that you want to process the warp to MapId 6 and use your door spritesheet (remember the sheet format of 12 x 6 frames) named "MyDoor" and you want to render the door at characterIndex 2. Moreover, you have your custom SE named "MySound". The script call for this situation will be:

var options = {
mapId: 6,
characterIndex: 2,
x: 12,
y: 12, // Those are the coords where the player will be transferred
sound_name: "MySound",
sound_volume: 90
this.doorTransition('MyDoor', options)