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Resident Evil comes to RPG Maker MV with its cool map transition system!


Resident Evil - Door Transition is a plugin that allows to create a map transition similar to the one seen in Resident Evil games. The plugin uses the sprite-sheet format available in Rpg Maker MV. Inside the Demo Video (and in the image) the default "!Door1.png" sprite-sheet is used.

WARNING! Only 12 x 6 spritesheet comaptible. 4 x 3 spritesheet will not work inside this system.

Main Features:

  • Full animated Door Transition;
  • Nearest filter used for preserving sprite quality;
  • Customizable Sound Effect; 
  • Fast image rendering using PIXI.Texture;
  • Door rotation customizable;
  • MapId, x and y parameters can be set for transferring the player;
  • Sprite scale and inner_factor can be changed;


Inside an event, you have only to use this script call:

this.doorTransition(filename, options)

Ex. this.doorTransition('!Door1',{characterIndex: 0,mapId: 3, x: 8,y: 12})
Ex. this.doorTransition('!Door1',{characterIndex: 4,mapId: 1, x: 10,y: 10, rotation: -155})

FILENAME -> The filename is the default character sheet used for the door. ONLY 12x6 SPRITESHEET!
OPTIONS -> This is an object containing a series of options for the door animation. 
If you want to use a default value, you have only to avoid to insert the related key. 

The available options are:

mapId: -> The map id to transfer the player; DEFAULT VALUE: Current Map ID; 
x: -> The x coordinate to transfer the player; DEFAULT VALUE: 0; 
y: -> The y coordinate to transfer the player; DEFAULT VALUE: 0; 
wait_open: -> This is the value waited after rendering the door, before open it; DEFAULT VALUE: 70;
rotation: -> This is the rotation of the door in percent. It can be a negative value for flipping the animation; DEFAULT VALUE: 155;
scale: -> This is the scaling value of the door sprite; DEFAULT VALUE: 8;
inner_factor: -> This is the value which determines the movement inside the door after the opening; DEFAULT VALUE: 10;
characterIndex: -> This is the door character index related to the selected spritesheet; DEFAULT VALUE: 0;
sound_name: -> The SE player durinng the opening of the door; DEFAULT VALUE: 'Door4';
sound_volume: -> The volume of the SE played; DEFAULT VALUE: 80;
sound_pitch: -> The pitch of the SE player; DEFAULT VALUE: 100;

WARNING! All the properties are CASE SENSITIVE, meaning that they needs to be correctly written. 

Down there, an event example:


This plugin should not affect directly any plugin. However, I'm not responsible for plugin errors that are not directly related from my plugin itself.


The plugin is developed on Rpg Maker MV - Version 1.6.1 and with the related PIXI.js Version 4.5.4. It should be compatible with older version of Rpg Maker MV, but I don't know if older version of pixi may effect some methods used inside the plugin.


  • Credits are not necessary. but highly appreciated. Credits to Nebula Games.
  • Avoid to change plugin information, filename and parameters name for the sake of integrity of the code.
  • Edits to the code are allowed.
  • The plugin can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • You can't redistribute this plugin as it is or incorporating portion of the code inside another plugin; 

Thank you very much for the support!


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