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06/04/2022: Plugin updated to version v1.1.0!

Do you want to give a "personish" look to the tutorial advice of your game?

This is the plugin you need! 


Persona 4 - Help Window is a plugin that creates an useful Help Window similar to the one you can see in Persona 4's game. The window is directly rendered and built inside the game, as default there is no need of external images since PIXI.Graphics API is used.

Main Features:

  • Window full rendered in-game. Images are not required.
  • Customization of Header and Content Text;
  • The color of the header and of the text can be changed; 
  • The Font Size of the text can be changed in plugin parameters;
  • Inside Plugin Parameters you can set a custom cursor image and change the opening/closing rotation and the margin from the bottom.
  • Animated opening and closing;
  • Animated cursor;
  • The cursor change its color as the header of the window;
  • Simple script call for creating a window;


Inside an event, you have only to use this script call:

this.P4Help(header, content, header_color, content_color)

Ex. this.P4Help("HELP", "It will become 'Evening' when you return home.")

Ex. this.P4Help("HELP", "It will become 'Evening' when you return home.", "#F5486D", "#F89654")

Ex. this.P4Help("HELP", "It will become 'Evening' when you return home.", 0x896545)

This script call is composed by:

  • HEADER -> This is the text that will appear upper the content;
  • CONTENT -> The text of the help window;
  • HEADER_COLOR -> The color of the header text. It's optional, as default the color is "#fde1d";
  • CONTENT_COLOR -> The color of the content text. It's optional, as default the color is "#ffffff";

WARNING! Pay attention to the "" up commas for the arguments string! Or you will trigger an error!


The plugin should not affect any plugin, due it does not make changes on any particular class. However, I'm not responsible for plugin errors that are not directly related from my plugin itself.


The plugin is developed on Rpg Maker MV - Version 1.6.1, but it should be compatible with older version, too. 


  • Credits are not necessary. but highly appreciated. Credits to Nebula Games.
  • Avoid to change plugin information, filename and parameters name for the sake of integrity of the code.
  • Edits to the code are allowed.
  • The plugin can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • You can't redistribute this plugin as it is or incorporating portion of the code inside another plugin; 

Thank you very much for reading all of this! :3

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AuthorBlueMoon (Nebula Games)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, mod, nebula-games, persona, plugins, RPG Maker, rpg-maker-mv


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I really love it! do you think it will work for MZ?


hi there! Thank you for the feedback!

Actually, the plugin uses pixi js for Window rendering, so It should be compatibile. However, for next month I'm planning some Plugins update and, since there is request, I Will publish an update containing MZ compatibility for this One too :)

Hey, wait a minute, the minimum price is 1$ but when you decide to buy it, it is set to 2$.

I understand Itch's pay-what-you-want system, developers require a minimum price and people are free to donate more if they want, this is why there are buttons to add extra money to the minimum price.

However if you set the default price to more than the minimum price then people might think that you are trying to rip them off (That was my first reaction.) because there is no indication that it is actually the wished price, not the required price (I figured it out only because I am used to Itch, newcomers will likely not.), and not everyone will think about typing a custom price themselves, they will most likely assume it can only be changed with the buttons and there are only buttons to add more, not to lower.

This is why developers usually set the default price to the minimum, and let people free to use the dedicated buttons to add extra if they want, they set the default price to the wished price only if there is no minimum price because it is clear that it doesn't require payment, it is available free, and I think you had a bad idea to set the default price to the wished price even though you announced a different required price because, as I explained, the first reaction which comes to mind is "rip off", and only regular Itchers will figure out that you merely misused the system and you didn't try to rip people off.

Or did you? :-3

Hello there!

Sorry for the trouble you had with this insertion :)
I didn't intend to "rip off" you or other developers. Essentially, this is the first insertion I have added in 2017 on itch.io and, at the time, I hadn't enough knowledge about the platform. Honestly, I didn't edited anything about this specific one as it's not a popular plugin and I never found a moment for checking into.

Moreover, I'm not an english native speaker. At the time, my language skills were worse than now.

When I will have some time, I will do a complete rewriting for the page and an update to the plugin. For now, I have removed the "Suggest an alternate default price" tick and applied the correction on the line related to needed images.

Thank you for reporting the issue :D

And thank you for correcting it. ;-3

But you forgot a line. :-3 There were 2 lines where you wrote "any" instead of "no" and you corrected only one... ;-3

Ah, you meant "No image is needed!", I was confused before I read the description of the YouTube video because here you wrote "Any image is needed!", which means that an image is needed but it can be any image while what you actually meant is that no image is needed, I don't understand why you wrote "any", you confused me. :-3