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Updated to version v1.1.0! Added Rpg Maker MZ support!


Keyboard Input Window is a plugin that creates a window that allows keyboard typing and store the result inside an in-game variable.

This plugin can be used for different tasks and, if you have a little script knowledge, you have a ton of chances!

Main Features:

  • Fast response to keyboard typing; 
  • You can call it using a script call; 
  • You can set the position of the window; 
  • You can set a placeholder text; 
  • The width of the window is automatically calculated in relation to the max characters of the string; 
  • You can set the max characters for the text to be typed; 
  • The opacity of the window can be set, too. 
  • It's possible to transform the result string all to lower case; 


This plugin is provided by a single plugin parameter called Allowed Charset. Inside this parameter you can set which letters, symbols and such can be typed in the window. The ones that are not inserted in the parameter string will not be typed.


This plugin is really simple to use. You have only to type in a script box of an event this script call: 


Using the script call this way, the default configuration will be used. However, It's possible to use the script call inserting as argument an object containing different options, like that: 

In the example above, It will be created a window with as placeholder the text "Type a secret word..." and the max characters that can be typed to 32. 

Specifically, all the options available - and their default value - are: 

WARNING! All the properties are CASE SENSITIVE, meaning that they needs to be correctly written.

Down there an event example for setting an an actor name through this method:

The event above creates Keyboard Input Windows that has as placeholder the string "Set the actor name..." and It stores inside the variable of ID 5 a string that has max 32 characters. 


This plugin should not affect directly any plugin. However, I'm not responsible for plugin errors that are not directly related from my plugin itself.


The plugin is developed on Rpg Maker MV - Version 1.6.1 and with the related PIXI.js Version 4.5.4. It should be compatible with older version of Rpg Maker MV.
Version 1.1.0 -> The plugin has been updated for supporting RPG MAKER MZ! The plugin has been tested and updated on the latest version of the engine v1.4.3. 


  • Credits are not necessary. but highly appreciated. Credits to Bluemoon.
  • Avoid to change plugin information, filename and parameters name for the sake of integrity of the code.
  • Edits to the code are allowed.
  • The plugin can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • You can't redistribute this plugin as it is or incorporating portion of the code inside another plugin; 

Thank you very much for the support!

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AuthorBlueMoon (Nebula Games)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, game-development, mv, plugin, plugins, RPG Maker, rpg-maker-mv, rpgmakermv


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I wonder does it works for self variables? I use self variables declared in name of variable as "<self> name" from VisuStella. Will it work as self names for events? 

hi! That's difficult to tell since self variables are not something that Is available as default by Rpg Maker. If this is something that could be eventually compatibile with the default variable system, It could be possible, but i can't tell for sure.

This plugin works wonder when running on a PC. When I try to run through a browser on mhy mobile (Android or iOS) the keyboard does not come up. This is a big pity for me because all the other plugins for the (normally simple) task of inputting a string take many seconds to process or clutter the screen with lots of keys. Am I doing something wrong?


recently bought this plug in for my game. Im trying to use in dialogue where certain words can trigger an event or another dialogue branch and also to be used as entering a password. could you point me in the right direction on how to achieve this? thank you


I just bought your plugin: the default version works but not personalized ones; like this one under. I rechecked again but I don't see the problem. I don't have a SyntaxError, the window just don't open and the event goes on.

Also, could you tell me what is the script call to verify the word that people type?

To verify when I type "Test", I tried in a conditional branch to type under Script: $gameVariables.value(20) == "Test"

But this doesn't seem to work. Any help would be appreciated, thanks again!

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. Inside your config I can se an error. "letter_sound" is not an option for setting a custom sound letter, but only for enabling/disabling it (true or false). Right now, the plugin can't set custom letters' sound, but as It's a feature that has been requeasted by a lot of customers, I was planning to add it inside a quality of update of the plugin.

Right now I'm quite busy, but I was thinking to make some plugins' updates next week. Hopefully, I will make the update of this one, too :D

Hi! So sorry to bother you with this quite insignificant mistake! That's a great plugin!

(I'll be there to follow the updates if you make some, thank you a lot!)

Not a problem, thank you very much for your feedback and for using the plugin!

Hello! Whenever I try to use your plugin, it says:

Syntax Error
Unexpected Number

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

(1 edit)

Hello there!

Thank you for reporting! Can you show me the settings you use for calling the window?

(2 edits)

There is an syntax error inside the script call. You have missed the double dots (:) after the variable declaration. Moreover, you have called the variable "option" but you have assigned to the method "options". So, it should work good if you correct the code this way: 

var options = {

placeholder: 'What is your name?',

max_characters: 10,

variable : 11



You have assigned variable 11, but you're calling in the variable "name" the variable of ID 5. The correct format would be : 

var name = $gameVariables.value(11)


Ah yes, it works perfectly now! Sorry for bothering you with this small mistake. Thank you so much for a great plugin!

It's not a problem! 

Thank you so much for the support!