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as a fellow developer, i have a suggestion. Could you add a feature to detect if you are playing this on mobile device or iPad? And add on screen controlls? I wanted to play the game but i couldn't control it. :D


Hello there! Thank you for your feedback! 

Sure, It's possible to add something like you explained. I haven't thought about it due this game was an experiment for a game jam and I didn't have too much for optimizing it for other platforms. If in the future I'll have some time to come back on the code of the game, I will take in account your suggestion for sure.

Thank you! 

Good Game!

Thank you very much!

That was cute and fun, and it can get pretty addicting trying to not let her run away.

Thank you for your feedback, I'm really happy to know that you had fun playing the game! 

Thank you for the support!

Awwww, I really enjoyed it! I was sad when I got the woodcutter ending, but after I got used to the rules I really had fun playing!


Glad to hear that you enjoyed playing this <3

It's easy to get Ebi run away the first times, but when you catch here is really satisying!

Thank you for the support!